Plenary sessions

- PS 1.2 "The role of culture in safety", Nicholas J. WARD, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Montana State University, USA
- PS 3.3 "How smart home can be a safer home?", Martyn ALLEN, Technical Director, Electric safety First, UK

Break out sessions

- OP1.1 E-commerce of safe children’s products: a common view for SMEs, consumers and authorities. ARENAS MOTILLA, María Cruz et al. 
- OP1.3 An enhanced model for assessing choking risk in children for consumer products. GREGORI, Dario et al. 
- OP1.4 The impact of the UK national ‘Safe at home’ Safety equipment scheme on hospital admissions for childhood injuries. ORTON, Elizabeth et al. 
- OP2.4 Machine learning and deep learning techniques to code injury data from French and/or German language narratives registered in hospital’s Emergency Departments. SCHNELL, Michaël et al.
- OP2.5 Drowning surveillance in Denmark: combining different data sources on drowning mortality. LAURSEN Bjarne et al.
- OP3.5 Injury prevention photosphere: an intervention for use by families and community-based professionals. DEAVE, Toity et al.
- OP4.4 The safety of people who drive for work in the gig economy: A perfect storm of risk factors? CHRISTIE, Nicola et al.
- OP5.2 Establishing a local infrastructure for safety based on global visions, national policies and local conditions. VAAGLAND, Eva J.
- OP5.3 On traffic safety promotion: policy and action plans in Vestfold County, Norway. AUENSEN Henriette et al.
- OP5.4 “IDEAS”- A digital tool for using knowledge and data as a driving force to strengthen local safety promotion efforts. VAAGLAND, Eva J.
- OP6.1 Sports and sports injury risk – Results of the Austrian exposure survey. BAUER, Robert et al.
- OP8.1 Falls in older people in domestic and leisure settings – data from EVITA system. ALVES, Tatiana et al.
- OP9.2 Risk factors associated with unintentional injury. Results from the European Health Examination and Interview Surveys in Luxembourg. BEJKO, Dritan.
- OP9.3 Poisoning injuries takes to many lives – mapping and prevention need to be developed and increased in Sweden. EKMAN, Robert.
- OP10.1 Traffic safety culture and interactions between motorists and cyclists. WARD, Nicholas J.

Pitch presentations sessions

- PP1.4 Traumatic brain injuries in a large paediatric hospital in Georgia. CHIKHLADZE, Nino et al.
- PP1.2 Paediatric drowning deaths in Ireland: A ten-year review. HAMILTON, Karina et al.
- PP1.3 Child and adolescent road deaths and injuries in developing countries: the case of Lebanon. AL-HAJJ, Samar et al.
- PP1.6 EPBA’s awareness raising campaign on button batteries safety. PONTE COSTA, Raquel
- PP2.1 Traumatic brain injury: a three-country assessment of in-patients treatment and care. COMAN, Madalina et al.
- PP2.3 Patient safety culture in Bulgarian private and public hospitals. STOYANOVA, Rumyana et al.
- PP3.2 Cyprus five years strategy plan for the prevention of unintentional childhood injuries: comprehensive program for the playground safety. GEORGIOU, Irene et al.
- PP3.5 Application of new technologies in education of parents in Serbia - mobile application on child injury prevention. MARKOVIC, Marija et al.
- PP4.2 Driving behaviour in depressed patients vs healthy controls. Findings from a driving simulator study. TSOUTSI, Vagioula et al.
- PP4.4 The safe system approach to protect children in road traffic. MERSCH, Jeannot.
- PP6.5 Effect of preventive measures in mortality for road injuries in Brazil. VASCONCELOS, Cíntia et al.
- PP6.1 Epidemiological study of injury cases in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi based on national injury surveillance format. HITAKSHI SH. et al.




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